Computers and Christians

As a college student who was heavily involved in church, but also embarking on a career with computers, I became a bit concerned when I learned of a British system designed to catalogue all of their citizens, possibly even to the point of barcode tattoos on each citizen they must have to transact business, etc.

This was the 70's - long before the internet, cellphones and Siri/Alexa.

For me, it was resounding off of the passages in Revelations referring to "the mark of the beast"

I felt conflicted, because it seemed to me that computing could be used in a bad way to afflict Christians.

Due to my work in the sound booth at church, I had the rare opportunity to speak backstage to Josh McDowell, author of "Evidence that Demands a Verdict"

I explained my concerns, and he gave me some very calming advice:

Revelation 22:21 Even so, come, Lord Jesus

This physical world is transitory. It will end. Even if we do something that contributes (unknowingly) to the "end of the world", we are simply hastening the brighter future we all desire.

So, go forward with the things of this world.

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