Texas Tech versus the Watson Family

Sounds like a lawsuit, doesn't it?? well.. there ARE some lawyers involved. <grin>
My mother-in-law, Eva (Watson) Sorrells had six sisters, and a brother on each end.. nine total kids.

The oldest brother, Bill, started at Texas Tech in 1952.

Someone from the Watson Family, has been at TTU ever since.. 61 years of continuous full-time attendance. (and still counting)

It so happens that my oldest daughter filled in the 50th year, and my youngest graduated in the 58th.

The family in total has some 60 degrees from TTU,: Teachers, Engineers, Architects and yes, even a few Lawyers.

May 14, 2010, Kent Hance, the chancellor of TTU gets up and introduces the main graduation speaker.

The speaker talks for his allotted few mintues, and then Kent gets back up to thank the speaker, and begin the next step of calling the names of the graduates.

However... "Will Page Smith please stand up?" and Kent goes on to relate the story of the Watson family and that Paige is completing the 58th consecutive year of the TTU tradition.   Boy! Was she red!

So.. you could say her name got called called out before any other graduate. <grin>

Kent didn't mention the fact that HIS daughter is married to a Watson, making him Paige's Great Uncle.

Here is a video clip: Texas Tech Graduation 5/14/2010
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