Term Limits

I have two problems with term limits.

1) It means that you always have "freshman" congressmen. I agree that there would be advantages such as they have less time to entrench themselves, but how many years did you study for YOUR job? What would it mean if your current job (whatever it is) had a term limit? Could you do your job effectively if you had to change _careers_ every few years? When looking for a doctor, do you want a surgeon with one year of experience or twenty?

2) I would wish for term limits on ALL government jobs. No offense to any of my friends that "work for the man", but unelected government bureaucracies that self-propagate themselves for decades are a huge part of our problem. Consider this: 99% of Obamacare wasn't written by the Congressmen themselves, but by their unelected "staff". Also, Lois Lerner (IRS scandal) is listed on wikipedia as a "career federal employee".

If we vote every couple of years on new leadership, why aren't the rest of government jobs subject to the will of the voters as well?
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