Did you know that SPAM is actually a virus?

The common definition of a virus is an agent that is:
vi·rus   (from dictionary.com)
n. pl. vi·rus·es
  1.  Biology.
    1. Any of various simple submicroscopic parasites of plants, animals, and bacteria that often cause disease and that consist essentially of a core of RNA or DNA surrounded by a protein coat. Unable to replicate without a host cell, viruses are typically not considered living organisms.
    2. A disease caused by a virus.
  2. Something that poisons one's soul or mind: the pernicious virus of racism.
  3. Computer Science. A computer virus.

Let's take a look at this: it's small, is a parasite, causes disease, and it replicates.

Small:  It's amazing how one short email can be copied so many times.

Parasite: It consumes resources of the host, without returning anything beneficial to the host.  (did you get a check from Microsoft?)

Disease: it feeds upon and invokes people's greed.

Replicates: Believe it or not, YOU were the host.  By deciding to pass on the message, you became the agent of the virus's replication.

The point of these "greed" spams is to collect email addresses.  By sending it to others, and including other people's addresses, you are participating in the spread of the virus.  Eventually, these emails circle back around to the people who created them, and then, poof! you're receiving hundreds of "marketing" emails.

1) Check your facts with your local BBB or with www.urbanlegends.com or www.snopes.com

2) Do not forward these emails.

3) If you do feel compelled to forward an email, use the BCC option of your email program.

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