Stony Smith's Resume

Stinson Stokes Storrs Smith (Stony)

Professional Experience
Precisely Inc, Burlington, MA 2005-Present
Principal Consultant, Burlington, MA (2005-Present)

Responsible for projects dealing with Revenue Assurance using the Data360 Analyze analytic platform.

  • Technical Account Manager for Comcast Account
    • Application Software Management for 38+ servers
    • Coaching and training for 5+ development teams
    • Residential Revenue Assurance Audits
    • Business Services RA Audits
    • MDU and Franchise Fee payment system
    • Subscriber Reporting
    • ROE Revenue Share payment system

Cox Communications Incorporated, Atlanta, GA 1989-2005
Project Manager, Atlanta, GA (2000-2005)

Responsible for projects dealing with On-Line Customer Database (ICOMS Billing Software) including implementation of version 4.5 and then version 5.0 across all offices. Responsible for assisting corporate and field users with operational reporting support plus training of AS/400 Query, Oracle Discoverer and their use with ICOMS data.

  • Co-managed five projects designed to merge two or more databases down to one so as to provide site management teams with a single point of control over customer records (affected approx 2 million customers)
  • Assisted various systems in Address Database cleanup/maintenance including understanding of Postal regulations to help reduce mailing costs, to help properly report such numbers as Homes Passed and Penetration, and to reduce truck roll costs in verifying Serviceability.
  • Taught 300+ users how to create operational reports using Oracle Discoverer
  • Built and maintained internal websites for process documentation and end-user knowledge sharing.
  • Taught users in field offices how to leverage web technologies to implement operational reporting systems.
  • Provided various systems with guidance on IT Management topics including Budgeting, Operational and Manpower considerations.
  • Supervised 13 employees during temporary assignment as IT manager for Hampton Roads.
  • Temporary assignment as IT manger for Baton Rouge system Mar-Aug 2002, supervising 6 employees. Assignment included preparation of Annual IT Budget, plus Employee Selection, Development, and Performance Evaluations.

Cox Communications Incorporated, Atlanta, GA 1989-2005
Information Technology Manager, Warwick, RI (1998-2000)

Responsible for Management of Information Technology Resources for a 425,000 subscriber cable system with a staff of 3 supervisors and 10 employees.  Responsibilities included Department Budgeting/Planning ($1.2mil), Scheduling, Employee Selection, Development, and Performance Evaluations.

  • Instituted a comprehensive Address Database Maintenance program so as to provide consistent reporting and reduced postage costs
  • Worked with local and corporate departments to prepare the billing system for the turn-on of telephony in Rhode Island within 3 months of initial project approval.
  • Facilitated all Repair and Maintenance of a Windows95/NT Network and 800 attached PC's across 19 physical locations using only a core staff of just three employees
  • Budgeted for and implemented replacing 600 of the 800 PC's to make them Y2K compliant
  • Met with Rhode Island state regulators to help them understand Y2K compliance issues
  • Assisted the Best Practices team(s) in a system-wide workflow reorganization
  • Reduced cell phone costs by over $10k per month, working with Bell Atlantic to place phones on the correct plans, and with users to be aware of ways they could conserve

Cox Communications Incorporated, Atlanta, GA 1989-2005
LAN Administrator, Lubbock, TX (1996-1998)

Data Processing Supervisor, Lubbock, TX (1990-1996)

Data Processing Coordinator, Lubbock, TX (1989-1990)

Responsible for Supervision of:  Department Budgeting & Planning, Employee Scheduling, Development and Performance Evaluations, Maintenance and Operation of On-Line Customer Database and CableMaster/ICOMS Billing Software, Pay-Per-View Scheduling and Operation, Novell/WindowsNT Network Administration, Operation / Maintenance / Repair of all computer equipment, including AS/400 & 50 attached workstations, Addressable Network Controllers, ARU, Executone telephone switch, Novell/Windows NT Network and  50 attached PC's, and, generally: "Fixing anything with a keyboard on it".

  • From 1989 through 1995, internal users had total downtime of less than 20 total business hours on the customer Billing System, and less than 40 total business hours on the PC Network, except for catastrophic commercial power failures
  • Budgeted, selected, planned for, and installed an Automated Response Unit to interact with all inbound customer service phone calls
  • Planned & Implemented COX2000 (Hot Drop Program) resulting in 3.5% increase in subscribers
  • Managed several large Customer Rate restructuring plan / implementation cycles
  • Grew the original PC network of 3 PCs to over 100 machines at a minimum cost through careful budgeting and purchasing
  • Integrated a 31,000 subscriber "foreign" database into existing CableMaster database
  • Implemented Regional "Call Center" between Lubbock/Midland enabling reduction of call center costs
  • Designed, wrote and implemented revenue-based REV commission program that was used as a model for a corporate-wide commission system

Simplex Software, Lubbock, TX 1985-1989

Responsible for programming, consulting, plus general hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, and repair.  Wrote custom software systems for specific applications. Clients included industries such as Industrial Process Controls, Real Estate, Food Preparation and Manufacturing, Cotton Warehousing, Furniture and HVAC Servicing.

Previous Positions