Don't you just hate spam?  If you hate it as much as I do, ask your self a question: How did I just get your email address address?

Some friend of yours sent me your address. They thought they were doing you a favor by telling you how you could:

  1. make money by forwarding emails.
  2. reduce the price of something by boycotting someone
  3. cook pop corn with your cellphone
  4. institute world peace
  5. insert your own reason here

It isn't going to happen. It was a lie fifteen years ago, and it's still a lie today. The mail your friend sent you is an elaborate scheme to collect YOUR email address and forward it to spammers.  By the time you forward the email to 10 friends, and they send it to 10 friends, you're guaranteed to be seen by the spammers.

Some rules:
A) Don't believe get-rich-quick schemes.
B) Thanks for sharing your "feel good" email of the day.. are your facts correct?
C) Don't send email to a large list of addresses in the the TO: box!!

Your email program has a feature called BCC or Blind Carbon Copy. If you really want to send an email to a long list of people, use the BCC line. Then, people on the list can't see (or use) each other's addresses, and they can't send your address on to the spammers.

Part 2 - Most spam emails are a virus!

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