A quick note for all my new found friends that request my models in something other than Z (1:220) scale:

I have done a lot of work designing these models for the specific scale of 1:220. I am more than willing to offer the model in some other size with one small disclaimer:
As the model gets larger, the quality might suffer some. You can read about that here

The note on my Shapeways shop specifically says: The models here were created for specific hopes/desires. If you would like to request changes to any model, please contact me.

My models, zoomed up to other scales, may very well turn out to be coarser than you may expect. I am willing to put the time and effort into REdesigning the models in other sizes, but it's going to 1) take time and 2) I have no use personally for the other sizes. For almost any of these non-220 models, I have not had the opportunity, time, nor funds to have a copy printed and shipped to me such that I can check it over. That means that I can't ensure the higher quality that I demand for my 1:220 models.  You are welcome to ask me to (mathematically) enlarge a model, which I'll do happily.  What I ask is that you understand that if you want the same level of detail as there are in the Zscale models, I'm going to need feedback from you as to what the problems are.

Please understand: this is not my day job, and I'm only designing this stuff because I love to design, not because I'm trying to make an egregious capitalistic profit.  Because the models may be lower quality than what I demand, you are getting the model for smaller percentage markup than I normally charge for in Z scale.

The other issue that you must be aware of is that Shapeways charges a price directly based upon the amount of material.. Other sizes will cost more, purely due to the amount of material consumed.

I do hope you enjoy my designs.