Let's make a StepVan (pun intended)

Below is an outline of the basic steps for one technique to construct a model and have it printed by Shapeways. Click any one of the pictures for a more detailed description, and to download the file(s) for that step.

The steps I've used below are what I use, and are in part based upon specific graphic tools.  You will need to adapt them for the tools that you decide to use.

Click any Step below to get started.

Step 1: find a reference photo
Step 2: edit the drawing
Step 3: convert to DXF
Step 4: import into TrueSpace or Blender
Step 5: extrude the shapes
Step 6: rotate and position the shapes
Step 7: merge the shapes no picture
Step 8: enhance details
Step 9: export as STL
Step 10: upload to Shapeways
Step 11: order, paint and enjoy